Tuesday, September 08, 2009

THorton Needs Help

A Picture Story from Portrait of Words

Thorton P Biapple III was sure he was going to die. He had not planned on dying. He just wanted to clear his head so he had taken the canoe and headed up to the lake.
He knew he should have waited and gotten some help but he really wanted to be alone. He had ported that canoe much further in the past, by himself, without any trouble. Of course he didn’t know this lake or this path but it didn’t look long on the map. Everything would have been fine if he hadn’t tripped on that cussed squirrel.
Animals were supposed to be your friend . They weren’t supposed to trip you. And a squirrel when he had given them all those nuts over the years. This is the way they say thanks.
As he lay under the canoe he knew from the pain his leg was broken, maybe both legs. He was going to die there. He just knew it. From where he lay he could see two beautiful flowers
and they seemed to add to his pain. Maybe an arm was broken too and possibly his back.
He knew he was beginning to hallucinate because he could smell peanut butter cookies cooking.
Peanut butter cookies out here on a path who would cook peanut butter cookies?
He strained his neck as far to the left as he could but all he saw was the sky. He wondered if the clouds indicated an approaching storm.
He could end up being drowned. With his broken legs, arm and back he could never escape the water.
Now he trained his neck to the right and what he saw assured him he was hallucinating . There as big as life and as if it was real was sign that said Worms.
Worms , a sign for worms on a wilderness trail. It just didn’t happen. He knew it didn’t. What next? A dragon coming to eat him? A black hole in space? Black Adam saying shazam?
Suddenly a voice cut through it all.” Thorton quit fooling around and get the camping display up. Get out from under that canoe. If you father didn’t own Biapples Sports Kingdom I’d fire you.”
The evil Dr. Silvania had found him and was making him stand on his broken legs and work with his broken arm. It was a cruel world indeed.

The dragons were busy today you can see them HERE.


chessie said...

DR. John,
This is a story I can relate to...and may have been me back in the day when day dreaming was a fun past time of mine!

Too bad I had to grow up...oh wait, well I still day dream...and get kinda paid for it from time to time... it's called being an author!

Fun read...Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Great story my friend. I thought the worms were going to come to the rescue. But to think it was a daydream was excellent. Your story telling is just awesome and this is no exception :)

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Wonderful story Dr John, the ending came out of nowhere,