Friday, September 11, 2009


Flash Fiction 55
Friday 55 Flash Fiction is brought to you by G-man (Mr Knowitall). The idea is you write a story in exactly 55 words. If you want to take part pop over and let G-man know when you've posted your 55.Here is today's story:

A Real Cad

He was not a nice man.

He loved to see people squirm.
He really did.
He made smart remarks.

He courted real ladies.
He lead them on.

They thought he really loved them.

Then he broke their hearts.

The big town clock fell on him.

Which proves the old saying.

Time wounds all heels.

Since I discovered it was okay I am writing a second flash 55 which will be a continuous story but a complete story every week. Here then is the twenty second chapter in the exciting ongoing adventures of Sir Laughsalot and Robberhood
The entire story to date is HERE
The most recent chapters are HERE

Sir Laughsalot loved his giraffe and considered looking for another Kingdom.
He heard King Arthur was hiring at Camelot.
But he felt sorry for Underwear who didn't have many knights left at his table.
Thus Wizard Moreless spent all night trying to bring back a horse but now had a giant snail by the tail.

Of course the dragons were busy today you can see them HERE.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Sorry I had delete. I forgot to comment on Sir Laughsalot Excellent 55 my friend. I love it that time wounds all heels. I hope Laughsalot doesn't end up riding a snail...this I have to see if he does. Well done. You have been very very clever today :)

anthonynorth said...

I love your play on words. This was is first class.

anthonynorth said...

Of course, that should be 'one'.

Hootin' Anni said...

Good one Dr. J!! Time wounds all it.

Mine's posted too. As always, scroll down beyond my show n tell for Friday!

big Jenn said...


Anonymous said...

I have wished for falling clocks on a few heels myself. An enjoyable 55 today.

My 55 for this week is here.

Chef Kar

hope said...

Yeah! Well crafted words AND a happy ending...well, for the ladies in the crowd. :)

Nice I'm off to read about Sir Laughsalot's adventures. Have a great weekend!

♥ Boomer ♥ said...

Just perfect!!!!! ♥
Love it!
Great play on words!
Boomer's FLASH 55

Shadow said...

what a word play, i love it!

Cat said...

Oh now this was good!!!

G-Man said...

I'm patiently waiting for upperknockity only tunes once!!!
Excellent 55 as always Doc!!
Thanks for making Fridays so much fun....You Da Man!!!

Dulce said...

Great. I love it with photos and all.

Tall Kay said...

You are very clever with word play Dr. John. The ending was a surprise for me...and I LOVE that!

Alice Audrey said...

Time wounds all heel? *Groan* That's awful. :) I love it.

Mom of Opiate Addict said...

So witty! Thanks for the laugh and the comfort of knowing that a couple of heels I know will be clocked:)

clean and crazy said...

HA,Ha,HA,HA, I am still laughing this is a great 55!!

Akelamalu said...

Oh very clever and funny Dr. John, a great play on words. LOL

Susan at Stony River said...

Excellent! I laughed out loud at the first---and looking forward to what Laughsalot does with this! Great 55s as always.

Mona said...

LOL! You are always so witty with use of words! I love your 55ves! :D

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Dr John ~ you are so clever, Time Wounds all Heels. Loved it.

Monkey Man said...

This is the second groaner 55 I have read today. I love it. Shaggy dog stories are quite fun.

Kathleen said...

heh heh heh ... good one!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha real groaner, but cute ;-)

Brother Frankie said...

always enjoy passin thru here. Keep it up doc..

my 55 is late but up

Jadey said...

You are very creative and I love your 55's I hope you have a great weekend. My 55 is up.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, that was extremely valuable and interesting...I will be back again to read more on this topic.

Anonymous said...

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