Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Magic Frog

A Picture Story from Portrait of Words

Addie looked down at the green garden frog.
She alone knew it was magic. If she had told anyone they might have thought she was crazy but she wasn’t. The frog really was magic. It could and would grant her every wish.
It was just last year that she had deciphered the writings on the old stone , her being an archeologist by profession. It had lead her to canoe down a peaceful Canadian river in the far North of Canada watching for that special landmark. There deep in the woods she found the shrine of the Wood Nymph and the frog. How many centuries it had been there she had no idea. Who put it there was much clearer. A group of Celts had somehow made it to Canada centuries ago. They possessed all the powers of the ancient Celtic religion and had infused them into the shrine and the frog. Of this she had no doubt.
And now the frog was hers.
Last night she had dined in the most expensive restaurant in New York City. The desert was unbelievable. The rich certainly lived well. But she had enjoyed the looked on the waiter’s face even more as he brought the bill and she slowly disappeared before him. He would have an interesting story to tell. The frog could be fun.
She even had pictures. When she went out West to the rodeo she had a nice tourist take her picture with a cactus. That and the picture she took of the rodeo was evidence of what the frog could do.

She supposed she should use it for good. She should feed the poor or something like that. But how great was its power? How much could it do? Then there was the warning on the stone that payment would be due. What kind of payment and when would it be collected? She really couldn’t answer these questions.
So she stopped using the frog. She had all that power and was afraid to use it. The frog was no longer fun.
So if your going along a nice street and see an old lady taking to a big green garden frog she’s not crazy she’s just scared. Grab the frog and run. But remember there is a payment due.

Of course the dragons were busy today you can see them HERE.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant Dr. John. That payment would scare the day lights out of me so I'll just look and keep on walking. :)

Susan at Stony River said...

Darn right I'll grab the frog and run, and then I'll make it send me to Honolulu to torment Thom. LOL If payment is sanity, well the poor frog will get nothing from me!

This was great; I loved it.

Akelamalu said...

I wouldn't be grabbing the frog, they scare the bejebus out of me! LOL

Great story Dr. John.

Sorry I haven't joined in again, I just can't get into writing at the moment. Maybe soon.

Cherie said...

Eventually everyone has to pay the piper. Good story. I have a magic frog in my story too. :)

quilly said...

That frog doesn't scare me! I've taught school. I have no sanity to lose!.