Saturday, September 26, 2009

Raven's Challenge 82

It is Saturday and time to play with words supplied by Raven's Wordzzle
This Week's Ten Word Challenge will be:Tibetan sky, symbols, won’t you come home Bill Baily, shadow figures, brain cortex, practice makes perfect, life, start of school, lavender, chow down
And for the mini: mental hospital, falling leaves, apple cider, packing crates, clues

The Mega Challenge as
The Ongoing Adventures of Agent 012

For three days Agent 012 had lived the life the part of a CEO of a big company. On the wall behind his desk was the company motto “ Clean as a Tibetan sky”. The engine he supposedly manufactured put out no C02 and thus would change everything. Of course there was no such engine it was all part of a Agency trap. But as of this moment he didn’t have any clues as to the identity of the CEO killer or killers. They remained shadow figures lurking somewhere in the back of Agent 012’s mind. In the belief that practice makes perfect he went over again all they knew about the killings. One CEO had been shot, one cut in half with a chain saw and put in two packing crates, one had a hot wire pushed into his brain cortex, one was stabbed and left to be covered by falling leaves, and one was drowned in apple cider , loaded in a lavender barrel and delivered to a mental hospital. As he thought about the list Agent 012 felt just a twinge of fear.
It was time to eat or as his son referred to it chow down time so Agent 012 took the elevator to the first floor cafeteria . In the elevator “won’t you come home Bill Baily” was playing on the elevator music system. Suddenly the elevator stopped on the fourth floor when the door opened a man with a gun was standing there and our Agent had the same feeling he used to get at the start of school. On the man’s wrist was a bracelet of symbols with a miniature chain saw, cider keg, packing crate, gun, and leaf.
Agent 012 had a feeling this was not going to be his day.

The ten word challenge- Good Song

It was just a week before the start of school when the problems started. Bart had signed on as a judge of the local Art Explosion and was looking at a canvas called “Tibetan Sky” done in shades of lavender as it began. First he heard somebody singing “ Won’t you come home again Bill Baily” but when he commented on it the other judges looked at him as if was insane. Then he saw the shadow figures in the paintings and told Anna they must be life symbols. Anna became worried as she saw no such figures.
When it came time to chow down Bart’s friends from the Practice Makes Perfect Art Group talked to him about seeing a Doctor.
At first he resisted but they pushed and finally he went. They discovered he had a marble size tumor pressing on his brain cortex. Within the week surgery was performed and the tumor removed. His friends had saved his life.
He says he is thankful for their intervention but he does sort of miss that rendition of “ Won’t you come home again”.

The mini challenge- The Great Cider Robbery

It was Fall and time for kids to play in the falling leaves but the famous Detective Josh Armourall was busy looking for clues. He had checked the apple cider jug for fingerprints but there weren’t any. He looked with great care at the packing crates that had been smashed open to get at the jugs. They were of no real value either. Josh felt horrible as it looked like the apple cider thieves might get away with a perfect crime. He who had solved the most complicated of murders was now stumped by a minor robbery at a mental hospital.
He was there by invitation of his good friend Oliver who was the director of the place. He thought it would be an easy crime to solve just one walk through the patient rooms until he smelled the cider but it hadn’t worked that way. He had gone through every room and hadn’t smelled one drop of cider. Now he was being summoned on the loudspeaker to the cafeteria. He hated to go and report he had found nothing.
Entering the cafeteria he saw a pile of cider jugs and a big sign that said “ Happy Birthday Josh”.
It was the only way his friend could get him to come to the party.

Of course the dragons were busy today you can see them HERE.


CJ said...

Agent 012 surely knows how to get himself into trouble. How can he escape in an elevator? I guess if he can't climb to new heights, the bottom will drop from under him.

My Wordzzle is HERE.

Argent said...

Yipes! Talk about cliff-hanger! Agent 012's days are surely numbered this time! I hope not though, I really look forward to his adventures each week.

Bart was fortunate to have such caring friends and we do certainly get used to certain things in our lives - even if they're not healthy and we kind of miss them when they're gone.

Your third one was very clever - didn't see that ending coming at all!

Enjoyed all three this, but I do love Agent 012's bits the best. Great writing with some very awkward words.

Melli said...

I suuuuuuure hope Agent 012 has back-up today!

LOVED the excuse to get Josh to the party! How clever!

Anonymous said...

Josh's excused was great and here's hoping that Agent 012 has a good day. :)

the watercats said...

*shudders ... agent 012 .. I pray for you! :-)
Really enjoyed visiting again, your stories are always expertly woven.. cheers!

Raven said...

Uh, oh... Agent 012 is in big trouble... I loved the warm loving-ness of both Josh's party story and Bart being saved from his brain tumor. Great work.

Stephen said...

The Agent 012 story was good, with a suspenseful ending. If the killer doesn't know that Agent 012 is the CEO, Agent 012 could pretend to be someone else. Of course the killer might not want to leave any witnesses anyway. I hope it's not Agent 012's last bad day, as bad as that sounds. The story about the man with the brain tumor was also good, and I also liked the stolen apple cider story with its surprise ending. The detective had an interesting last name, too.

Stephen from Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

DawnTreader said...

Three very good stories! Agent 012 certainly seems to have got himself into a bad fix. Both the others had very clever twists at the ending.

bettygram said...

I liked the way they got josh to his birthday party.