Saturday, September 05, 2009

Raven's Challenge 80

It is Saturday and time to play with words supplied by Raven's Wordzzle
This Week's Ten Word Challenge will be:Spam, perpetual motion, sprinkle, telephone pole, stains, alphabetical, surgery, flattery, liberty, preservation
For the mini challenge:shadows, singularity, Florida, caterpillars, copy

The Mega Challenge as
The Ongoing Adventures of Agent 012

Knowing now that he would never be rescued Thaw poured out all he knew about Mute to Agent 012. It seemed he knew a great deal as he had been in the shadows of the great crime group for a long time. The information had allowed the Agency to virtually close down Mute operations in Florida and sent hundreds of Mute agents to jail. They were able to prevent the Mute created poison caterpillars from being placed in the nation’s apple orchards. It was one of the greatest triumphs of the Agency ever and all because of Agent 012.
At the main office everybody was telling him how well he had done but flattery made him nervous. He was much more used to being cussed out. For the next few weeks he seemed to be in perpetual motion as he sent out teams to follow up leads and carry them to their natural conclusions. The raids were carried out with the precision of a great Doctor doing surgery.
He arranged for Thaw to give up his liberty in a federal court in Nebraska where there was no Mute office. Thaw pleaded guilty there and was sent to prison under a different name. For the sake of Thaw’s self preservation Agent 012 had to hope Mute never found out where he was.
Agent 012 did sprinkle in a visit or two to his home. He had a Spam and eggs breakfast with the family. His wife made the greatest Spam and eggs.
At the office he had all the information from Thaw on alphabetical cards and he put a big check mark on the card when the information had been followed up. Within a week over half the cards were checked. Once a card was checked a copy was made , attached to a full report and sent to the chief. You would think the chief would be happy but he complained because some of the copies had brown stains. The Agency really needed a new copy machine.
The only thing that still bothered Agent 012 was that Mute was planning a big thrust called Project Singularity and Thaw only knew it was being planned and had something to do with telephone poles.
But it had been Agent 012’s couple of weeks and he tried to enjoy what had been done.

The ten word challenge- He Could Do It

Hessa Newman believed a perpetual motion machine could be created. But he did more than believe . He tried to create the machine. His office was filled with alphabetical data cards with each idea he had for the machine clearly outlined. The ones he had tried usually were dotted with sweat stains. His great wealth gave him the liberty he needed for experimentation as he didn’t need to work to live. He had been slowed down as he recovered from the surgery to reattach his big toe that he severed in that stupid accident.
On this day as he finished his noon meal of Spam sprinkled with Tabasco sauce he was sure his latest attempt would succeed .He looked at the huge pile of old telephone poles and at his card. The secret was in the preservation of the pole and he held that secret in his hand. He had used flattery to get it from a secretary at the Telephone Office.
Now he only needed a small piece but it was important he not drop the poles on him. He just didn’t have time for more surgery.

The mini challenge-At Last

The singularity was obvious first in Florida. There perpetual motion came out of the shadows and the new revolution began.
They had laughed at Newman and his ideas. Crazy old coot they called him. He made good copy for the evening paper. They laughed at him and said he would be better off growing caterpillars.
Nobody was laughing now. He had made the impossible possible. His machines ran everything. They were the engines in cars and no gas needed. They were a source of constant renewable energy.
Thanks to Hessa nothing would ever be the same again, a true singularity.
“He’s coming out of it Doctor.” Hessa heard the nurse say.
“ Well old man for a bit there we thought those telephone poles had done you in”

Of course the dragons were busy today you can see them HERE.


Quilly said...

LOL! I knew those telephone poles were going to get him. I tell you those things are blood thirsty!

Argent said...

I just love how you managed to cram so much wordy-goodness into you stories. It took me pages of blather to reel all the words in this week, and there you are, doing it deftly in a few paragraphs. Great writing. It seems that Agent 012 still has plenty to do and I look forward to reading about it.

The Hessa Newman story - brilliant! You had me hook, line and sinker there. I totally disdn't spot the ending coming. Great writing - as always.

Finding Pam said...

Once again, you have written a clever and interesting story for this week.

Agent 012 to the rescue.

Reston Friends! said...

I think there's a bit of innuendo in the first one for Agent 012...but then it vanished as the telephone poles mangled Newman. Engaging!

Raven said...

Poor Hessa... WOuldn't it be great if someone could invents something like that, though. As always, I enjoy Agent 012. Glad he's having a good week. Will be interesting to discover Mute's telephone pole plot.

Richard said...

012 get's the goods from Thaw on Mute and sees him go to prison, then Hessa invents a perpetual motion machine to power cars? Very busy week at the castle John. Loved it.

CJ said...

I'm so glad Agent 012 had such a good run of luck there ---and accomplished much in a few weeks. But it seems a new crime wave is about to break out.

Mmmm? Telepone poles? I always thought we should get rid of those things and put our wires underground. Poles do spoil the landscape so.

Stephen said...

I'm glad Agent 012 had such a big success and had some good weeks. The agency should give him a medal. They might take it away, though, if he doesn't do well on the next case. The other two stories, about the man with the idea for a perpetual motion machine, were good, even if the success for it did turn out to be a dream. I guess if the telephone poles hadn't gotten him, though, the oil companies would have, and they might not be as nice as the telephone poles were.

Stephen from Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Anonymous said...

Excellent Dr. John. I'm so glad Agent 012 is having some good days. I can't wait to see what goes on with the Project Singularity. Well done. And I had to laugh about Newman and it being a dream. Too funny. Have a great weekend :)

DawnTreader said...

I'm glad Agent 012 had time for a visit at home. I feel kind of sorry for Mrs Agent 012. Her life must be one of constant worry...