Saturday, October 10, 2009

Raven's Challenge 84

It is Saturday and time to play with words supplied by Raven's Wordzzle
This Week's Ten Word Challenge will be: plaster, cottage cheese, hallowed, hard working, food for thought, blood drive, broken finger, ceiling fan, pastry chef, production
And for the mini: the sky is falling, variations on a theme, bravery, powder puff, empty soda bottles

The Mega Challenge as
The Ongoing Adventures of Agent 012

Knowing that you only have a couple hours to live can cause the mind to become crystal clear and it certainly did for Agent 012. Left not right he thought and stamped his left foot down so hard that the plaster on the ceiling of the room below shook and the ceiling fan broke loose. In the room where he was prisoner the cottage cheese and the empty soda bottles jiggled off the corner table unto the floor.
From the end of his shoe a tiny dart flew into the leg of the CEO killer and down he went.
Then he banged his left elbow against the chair and hollered “ Agent in need of assistance. Butterfly poison.” then he waited.
Now his head was spinning and he thought “ the sky is falling” as he began to pass out. Just then the door burst open and two agents entered the room and rushed over to give him a shot of the antidote to the poison.
Two hours later he was standing at the Agency receiving another medal for bravery and being pointed to as what a hard working Agent should be like. Please note that was be like and not look like.
In the holding cell downstairs the CEO killer was threatening to sue over the broken finger he got when he passed out and was demanding a lawyer. He probably wouldn’t volunteer to take part in the Agency blood drive in place of Agent 012 who couldn’t until both poison and antidote had cleared his blood stream. But they would ask him anyway as it would give him food for thought. It might even shut him up for a while.
Agent 012 was supposed to go with his wife to a Powder Puff production “ The Hallowed Halls of the Pastry Chef” this evening but he was not sure she would want to go with a green man.. The production was one of four variations on a theme being done by Powder Puff. The theme being murder.
If the green wore off fast enough he could take her to one of the others.
Except for being green it was not a bad day.

The ten word challenge- Hallowed Ground

The plaster was falling off the wall in places in the little cottage where the hard working old pastry chef lived. It was hot and the ceiling fan had long ago ceased working. He had never really looked at his cottage before as he worked all day and into the night. He was at home now only because he had a broken finger which prevented the production of his masterpieces. As he ate his simple meal of ham and cottage cheese he had both time and food for thought.
Why didn’t he retire? He had more than enough money in the bank. He could move away and buy a decent house. He could live the comfortable life. He might even teach cooking classes at some two year college. Why did he stay here ?
Even as he asked the questions he knew the answer. He stayed because this was hallowed ground. His father's father’s father was born here as was each subsequent father . He was born here. His son was born here. Of course his wife had taken the kid and left saying she couldn’t live in a dump like this. So he could be the last.
Tomorrow he would go and give blood at the blood drive then come back to the cottage. He would check and make sure the will could be found and then take the poison. He would die here.

The mini challenge- The Cycle of Life

Nicholas Thromby the 8th was as lazy a man as one could find anywhere. He had tried writing but his book “ Variations on a Theme-The Sky is Falling” never found a publisher. He was so desperate that he went to see the lawyer about his grandfather’s will. Living in that stupid cottage looked better and better. According to the will each month he lived in the cottage he would get a substantial allowance. He needed the money and if it took this extreme act of bravery to get it he was willing. His own father had disowned him calling him a lazy no good powder puff. But his family could be good for something.
The first month he moved into the cottage he paid to have it cleaned. All of the empty soda bottles were taken away. He wondered how much soda did his grandfather drink anyway.
The next month he had the walls replastered.
The month after that he pulled the ceiling fan and put in an air-conditioning system. If he had to live there he could be comfortable.
At that point he explained to his live in girl friend that if they married and she had a child in the cottage the allowance would be greatly increased. So they married and had a child. It was a wonderful little boy.
They hired a nanny to take care of it and for fourteen days each month they traveled and had fun. The little boy grew and finding his great grandfather’s recipes and with nothing else to do he became a great pastry cook. He loved the little cottage and treated it as hallowed ground. He knew the family history by heart. When his parents died in the crash he continued to live there.
The plaster was falling off the wall in places in the little cottage where the old pastry cook lived. It was hot and the air conditioning had long ago ceased to work. He had never really looked at the cottage before as he worked all day and into the night. He was at home now only because he had a broken arm which prevented the production of his masterpieces. As he ate his simple meal of ham and cottage cheese he had both time and food for thought. ……...

And like his great grandfather he would die there.

Of course the dragons were busy today you can see them HERE.


Anonymous said...

AWWW Let's hear it for the cycle of life. :) And I'm so glad Agent 812 is alive and well and had such a great day :)

Mama Zen said...

I love Hallowed Ground and the Cycle of Life. What great stories!

Reston Friends! said...

I live 012's Bond-like life savers! Yay!

Challenge - wow, more poison. I hope the will says the son will get the cottage if he agrees to live there and continue the tradition.

Cycle of Life - Oh wow -- I stopped at the end of each and commented so my comment on the challenge was completely innocent! And ... you read my mind...or I yours. Not sure. Well done!

Argent said...

Hooray, Agent 012 lives to fight another day!

Oh, but your two-parter was a real winner for me. The return to the beginning, but with a slight variation was superb. Pastry chefing must be quite dangerous, though fingers and arms getting broken and all. I loved how you tamed these words this week, I found them very difficult.

Raven said...

Well nobody can say that Agent 012 doesn't lead a very interesting life. I hope his color fades in time to make his wife happy.

Your cottage story made me kind of sad but it was wonderfully done.

Stephen said...

I'm glad that Agent 012 was able to escape. He had some interesting gadgets, too. If anyone asks about his skin color, he can always say that he's going green and trying to be conscious about the environment. The other two stories were good but sad, with history repeating itself. I think the next time around, to break the cycle, the chef is going to have to move out of that cottage, no matter how charming and full of history it is.

Stephen from Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Anonymous said...

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