Thursday, October 08, 2009

Quilly 3WT #31

It is a Quilly day. Time to take Quilly’s three words for the day and write a story.Today we have three words from Quilly Click on the word for a definition:

The 3WT #31 words will be: misqueme; tragematopolist; & vacivity

The story to this point is here

Poor Detective Mallory was upset by the vacivity in his head where there should be solutions. He knew his friend Josh was innocent but everything pointed to his guilt. He didn’t want to openly misqueme the DA but she had ordered him to end his investigation and he just couldn't. But now he was keeping things as quiet as possible.
On his way to interview Judith for the second time he stopped at the tragematopolist to feed his one addiction. He just loved candy, any kind of candy. It relaxed his mind or at least that’s what he had convinced himself. Today he picked up a pound of really good chocolates which were almost gone by the time he reached Judith’s modest little home.
She seemed surprised to see him. “ I thought the case was pretty much closed .” she said.
“ That’s before I discovered you weren’t altogether honest with me.” he responded.
Then he went on to tell her he knew of her bacchante. reputation and that she was better known as Mellisa. He explained to her that lying to a police officer could cause her some real trouble.
At that point she broke down crying. “ It wasn’t my idea “ , she sobbed.” This guy came to me in the bar and offered me good money to quit the bar, change back to my real name, and chase Josh. It was more money than I ever had so I agreed . What would you expect me to do. Besides he said my chasing Josh would give the poor guy an alibi when he needed one. I didn’t know people were going to get murdered.”
On the way back to the office he stopped at the tragematopolist and got another pound of chocolates. He was going to need them. The vacivity in his head was filling up. But the new information could both hurt and help Josh. He needed to do a full investigation of the mysterious man who paid off Judith. But to do so he had to openly pursue the case and that would misqueme his boss the DA. He needed to convince the DA that this new evidence could help cement her case if they could show that Josh had arranged an alibi.
To be continued next Thursday.

And of course with Quilly's words comes the required quivel.
There is poetry which a few people do well.
Then there is poetic drivel which is more fun and has its own experts.
But below them all is Quivel
Remember to write quivel you must write something that looks like a poem, any style , but is so bad that if it was printed in a book of poetry a true poetic zoilist would tear it out and burn it.
In other words if it contains Quilly's words and looks like a really bad poem it is really good Quivel. Here then is today's quivel.

When Thin is Bad

The poor old tragematopolist
Could no longer exist
In a world where candy
Was a misqueme not dandy
They really hated him
A world set on thin
This vacivity of mind
To him was not kind

Of course the dragons were busy today you can see them HERE.


Anonymous said...

Finally a break in the case. Woot. I knew that Judith was involved with this somehow. Well done...I don't see how the DA cannot let him continue...unless she's involved with this somehow...a dirty DA is a great possibility :) Great Quivel. Couldn't the tragematopolist make sugar free candy? hmmm

Nessa said...

Detective Mallory should give the DA some chocolates. I bet she'd do whatever he wanted then.

Melli said...

LOL at Nessa! True! I think the DA is involved... She closed this case up MIGHTY quick!

I'm still trying to figure out HOW IN THE WORLD tragematopolist comes to mean confectioner? I would like a HISTORY of this word!

anthonynorth said...

Definitely heading somewhere now, but he'll have difficulty. Every good detective story has an awkward boss in it.
He'll need many more helpings of chocolate yet, I fear.

SouthLakesMom said...

Any story that contains chocolate is a favorite of mine! Nice twist to the story...that makes me think of red licorice twists...I must go to see the tragematopolist!

Susan at Stony River said...

When he went back to get another pound of chocolates, I burst out laughing! I just caved in to that craving and made a pan of brownies.

Er, that is, I made my kids a pan of brownies.

Loved the quivel--so impressed you rhymed tragematopolist! And I agree with him; the world needs more sweetness, less thinness.