Saturday, December 12, 2009

Raven's Challenge 92

It is Saturday and time to play with words supplied by Raven's Wordzzle
This Week's Ten Word Challenge will be: sugar, mortgage, logical, roller skates, outlandish, Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, cumberbund, unexpected, photo album, scarecrow
And for the mini: tomatoes, turtles, basement apartment, circumference, make my day

The Mega Challenge as
The Ongoing Adventures of Agent 012

Poor Agent 012 was having the worst vacation of his life. The unexpected visit of his mother-in-law with her outlandish cat was making him wish they had put in that basement apartment he and his wife had talked about. Then he would have someplace to go and hide instead of having to be around her all day long. He would even be able to watch football which she says is an evil game where grown men hurt each other, not fit for her grandchildren. Further she felt he should be taking the boys out on roller skates instead of letting them play those vile video games She did watch television, though, as she parked herself in front of the TV all day long. He has seen the Macy’s add “ Yes Virginia , there is a Santa Claus” so many times that the little girl almost feels like one of the family.
She insists on hauling out the photo album from his wedding and pointing out the picture of him in his cumberbund and saying he looked like a scarecrow. Then she goes through the whole album in no logical order pointing out everything that was wrong with the wedding. The main thing that was wrong, of course, is that he was the groom.
At this point she has eaten all the chocolate turtles and gone through a ten pound bag of sugar. The sugar was used in coffee that ended up being more sugar than coffee and in breakfast cereal where the sugar was equal to or greater than the cereal.
She was pestering him to refinance his mortgage with the Small Circumference Mortgage Co. because she said he could save thousands every year.
At this point he was sitting in the kitchen playing with the tomatoes and thinking what a nice sound they would make as they hit her and squished all over. He lined her up in his sights and thought” Come on old lady make my day.”
It looked like it would be some time before he had a great day.

The ten word challenge-Memories

The Macy’s Add “ Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus”, was playing in the background as he added just a little sugar to his afternoon coffee, He opened the old photo album with its many memories. There was his brother Jeffry in his cumberbund. He hadn’t looked that good since the wedding.
There he was on roller skates. He hadn’t done that for years. If he was to try that now he would fall in the most outlandish way. It was just logical to assume he would.
There was the picture of he and Nancy burning the mortgage when the house was fully theirs. That picture was made possible by the unexpected big win he had on a lottery ticket.
He was a good looking man in those days. Now he looked like a scarecrow his body ravaged by the cancer and the treatment.
But he had his album and he had his memories . They couldn’t take those away.

The mini challenge- Make My Day

Someone had broken the circumference of the area protected by his silent burglar alarm in his little basement apartment. From the bedroom he could hear him looking through things. He moved quietly to the open doorway. The man had the box of chocolate turtles his granddaughter had brought him earlier that day in one hand and the precious photo album in the other. “ Come on sucker” he thought” move a little further over and make my day. “
As if in response the crook moved and he fired. It caught him full in the face. There was red everywhere as the crook went down in a heap.
He called 911 and waited for the police.
“ Why did you shoot him” they asked?
“He was taking my most precious possession” he responded.
The police man shook his head and said “ Not a good reason to kill a man”.
He laughed and said .” This gun fires a mean tomato but I doubt it killed him. Wake him up, wipe him off, and get him out of here.”
There was no way anyone was going to take his album and his memories away.

Of course the dragons were busy today you can see them HERE.


Nessa said...

These are fantastic today. Poor Agent 012. I feel so bad for him. But my favorite is the tomato shot in the last one.

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DawnTreader said...

Sometimes the longed-for holidays just don't turn out the way we wanted... I bet Aget 012 would rather have been out firing tomatoes at crooks! ;)

Argent said...

I think Agent 012 should definitely smoosh one of those tomatoes in his MIL's face, she's awful - and to think of all the hard work he has put in on her behalf, keeping her and everyone else safe!

Photo albums of precious memories are a popular theme this week, but how true! A lot of people would proabably say that their photos would be something they'd try to save from a fire. I'm glad the tomato-gun did the trick, servers that theif right!

Three lovely reads this week. I always look forward to reading your posts.

Raven said...

"This gun fires a mean tomato..." Love it. Would that we had such guns instead of what we do. Loved it. Great job as always. Poor agent 012. His life is never easy, is it?

Anonymous said...

LOL...the gun fires a mean Tomato...too funny :) Poor Agent 012...sometimes he never has a good day even when they are suppose to be good :)

Nishant said...

But my favorite is the tomato shot in the last one.

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