Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Mystery Theater

A Picture Story from Portrait of Words

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Mystery Theater

Welcome my dear reader to another exciting episode of “Spider Web Mystery Theater”
This is the place where the supernatural becomes the natural and you could become a frog.
As we open our creaking door we see Emma and Ella
Twin sisters on their way to the Halloween Concert of Ghouls at the somewhat scary Community Concert Hall.Tonight we are told odd mannequins will walk among the audience.
Who knows what they will do.
There will be vampires and werewolves and evil things that go bump in the night.
But most frightening of all this man
The long dead serial killer of old ladies will suddenly appear. He , now one of the long undead dead, will kill again.
But our two ladies are not afraid. They stopped in the lobby and armed themselves with a supply of magic bubble gum.It is guaranteed to keep all supernatural things away and our ladies are chewing up a storm.
The show begins, lightning flashes, strange things walk among the audience and stranger things play eerie music on stage.
When it over our friends Emma and Ella have disappeared . They will never be seen again.
Before we close the creaking door let us remind you that no matter what it says on the machine bubble gum does not protect against the undead. ( Maniacal laugh is heard as sound of the creaking door fills the air)


quilly said...

Poor Emma and Ella. They would have been better off to pour the gum balls on the floor for the ghouls couldn't get near them without breaking something vital.

Good story, Dr. John.

Anonymous said...

Well done My friend. Your serial killer was very ugly. I love the laugh heard at the end.

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

I love how everyone so far have the two ladies as Sisters in some form or the other. Great PoW Dr John, I had visions of an old radio show being aired.

You will have to pop over and read mine, I decided to have a go this time.

Ofira Sephiroth said...

Serial killer, he fits the roll. Looks like the rest of them.

Susan at Stony River said...

"Spider Web Mystery Theater" made me laugh! But oh no poor Emma and Ella--they should know better than to believe everything they read! I loved this.

Akelamalu said...

Hehe you have woven your magic again Dr, John! Great story. :)