Thursday, August 06, 2009

Quilly Words-Brave Editor

It is a Quilly day. Time to take Quilly’s three words for the day and write a story. . Click on the word for a definition:
rogitate; solipsistic; & nequient

The Brave Editor
The banner headline of The Daily Globe read “ When will Dalton ( Whiplash) Soakum put aside his solipsistic attitude and begin treating his tenants as people?” It had been the banner headline seven days in a row and the same question was repeated word for word,at least four times, in the article following .
Finally Dalton marched into the editorial office of the Globe and demanded to know if the question had been rogiated enough times yet.
When would they stop persecuting him.
The editor explained they had more than enough information for at least another eight weeks and all of it was verified and checked by the paper’s staff of lawyers.
They would , of course, stop running the articles when the suggested improvements were made to the various properties. The paper was afraid , however, that Dalton is nequient in the art of compromise which is required for the changes to happen.
Dalton left threatening law suits of all kinds and making physical threats to the person of the editor.
The editor was not afraid as he knew the paper’s lawyers were the best in town and that when it came to fighting Dalton was nequient in that art as well.
What he was not prepared for was the bullet that smashed through his car window just missing his head. He assumed it had been fired by Dalton but would he be able to prove it? Only time would tell.
But the rogitation would continue, of that he was sure.

And of course with Quilly's words comes the required quivel.
There is poetry which a few people do well.
Then there is poetic drivel which is more fun and has its own experts.
But below them all is Quivel
Remember to write quivel you must write something that looks like a poem, any style , but is so bad that if it was printed in a book of poetry a true poetic zoilist would tear it out and burn it. What looks like bad haiku is really qiku where the middle line must always contain a Quilly word.

His Hell

Solipsistic ideas served him well
As he worked his way to hell
Nequient of the caring arts
His success off the charts
His friends died alone
No love ever shown
His hell was to hear them cry
With the rogitated question why.
From now until eternity
That was his penalty.


Me first
You last


Of course the dragons were busy today you can see them HERE.


Ordinarily Just Me said...

Your drivel is not so much drivel any more. It makes sense and is fun to read. Qiku on the other hand is as horrid as ever. As for the story, I cannot wait until next week to see what happens to the editor. Is Dalton the shooter or is it perhaps someone in the background yet to show himself. I look forward to finding out.

SouthLakesMom said...

As I said at Anthony's place -- I love to read fiction! This story is fun. Well, maybe not for the Brave Editor, but for us! Well done.

Melli said...

Great story! I hope that slumlord gets the message!!!

His hell could be all of our hell... I think you disobeyed the rules of your own quivolotry... THIS one really IS good!

anthonynorth said...

Dalton is definitely prime suspect at the moment. Such a terrible shot, though :-)
Enjoyed that.

Cherie said...

Excellent use of the words, as always. :)

Anonymous said...

Where's Cheif Ican when ya need him? LOL I will be anxious to see how this is resolved. I can only hope another slum lord doesn't get away with treating his tenants like this...and now he also has possbily attempted murder to his laundry list of deeds...Great use of the words :)

Nessa said...

I hope the brave editor wins.

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Lindy said...

I see I'll have to go back and read the previous instalments of the story! Wonderful word usage, Dr. John.

quilly said...

Great story! I hope the paper wins!

My favorite Quivel:

Me first
You last

(Well, favorite to read, anyway. Wouldn't want to live it!)

Anonymous said...

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