Saturday, August 01, 2009

Raven's Challenge 74

It is Saturday and time to play with words supplied by Raven's Wordzzle
This Week's Ten Word Challenge will be: fair warning, hormones, journalism, philanthropist, burgeoning, running the bulls, saturation, tossed in the towel, whine, indelicate details
And for the mini: hard labor, lurid, quick fix, sizable contributions, trumpet

The Mega Challenge as
The Ongoing Adventures of Agent 012

Agent 012 was not one to whine but he had a sizable list of complaints to give to the Agency about its lack of support on this mission . He was running the burgeoning list through his head when he accidentally knocked over his drink and he hadn’t had a single sip. Here he was on a riverboat talking to a potential suspect in the attempted oil refinery bombing when he did such a stupid thing.
“ How did you know” the man asked looking with horror at the drink.” How did you know?”
Agent 012 who just a few moments ago almost tossed in the towel on this one as a suspect now responded like a journalism major to a lead. “ We’ve known about you for some time and I’m giving you fair warning that if you don’t tell us who gave the orders you will just disappear” he said. “Then when the lab is through with you we fly you to Spain where you will be thrown in with a raging bull . Your body will be dumped on the street during the running the bulls celebration. You will be just another tragedy of a stupid tradition”
“I didn’t want to do it but this guy forced me to. He knew all about an incident when my hormones got the best of me and my wife was visiting her mother. He threatened to tell my wife all the lurid indelicate details if I didn’t cooperate. His name was ...” He stopped in mid speech and fell forward.
A quick examination showed a poison dart in his neck. Somebody didn’t want his talking. The question is who.
This had to be the day the great philanthropist Hamlin Moneeee, known for his sizable contributions to just about everything was onboard .His being there had been trumpeted for days in advance and had lead to a saturation crowd on this day. Any one of them could have fired the dart. Agent 012 knew there would be no quick fix to this problem. What was ahead for him was plain old hard labor of the detective kind. Where were the extra agents he was promised ?
He didn’t think this was going to be his day.

The ten word challenge-Just Bull

Joe’s running the bulls to keep them fit was always preceded by fair warning to the other farm hands and the hanging of the red banner with a bull in the center.
There was a time he didn’t run the bulls but that was before PAPO ( Picky Animal People Organization) whined to that journalism class. The stories that followed contained lots of indelicate details on how the poor bulls were treated causing their hormones to get out of control. Most of what was said , of course, was not true but how do you fight such a burgeoning saturation of articles? So he tossed in the towel and agreed to PAPO’s demands. One of which was running the bulls at least twice a week.
On the day in question philanthropist Hamlin Moneeee one of the largest contributors to PAPO decided to check things out for himself. He was cutting across the field when the running the bulls began. They ran over him. The funeral will be held Tuesday and the law suits will be filed the following week.
Hamlin was told to stay out of the field but you know PAPO.

The mini challenge-Fixing the Band

The band director hoped that the new and sizable contributions to the band along with some hard labor would bring a quick fix to the band’s problems. They had lived down the stories of the actions of their lurid trumpet player who was now history. It was the sound they needed to work on and new instruments would help considerably in that area. The new outfits would add to their self esteem and all that was left was to practice, practice, practice. Their very first concert after the change would feature a marvelous new piece of music called “ Save the Bulls”. The concert would be dedicated to the memory of Hamlin Moneee who had made it all possible.

Of course the dragons were busy today you can see them HERE.


SouthLakesMom said...

Dr. John - love the first one. Agent 012 is such a fortuitous clutz!

And PAPO - laughed out loud at that one.

And the poor band -- maybe they should get a new trumpet player. Mine is available!

Dulce Rosales said...

Sorry Sir. That I do not call spam. But a way to move about.

Nessa said...

That Agent 012 does so much with so little. He needs an assistant like Dr Watson.

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Anonymous said...

Agent 012 poor thing spilling his drink. But at least he didn't get hit with the dart. Lucky day today for him.

I love the name PAPO...LOL..too funny and poor Hamlin Moneeee (great name by the way) I wonder if it was he who blew the poison dart?

Excellent my friend.

Rabbit, rabbit!

Raven said...

Love Hamlin Moneee's role in each of this week's stories. Well done.

Argent said...

These were all great. I'm really getting into Agent 012's adventures and can't wait for the next one.

quilly said...

Oh! Poisoned darts. Tell o12 to look for the guy with the Australian aborigine tattoos!

Heather said...

I guess one may be grateful for poisonous dart, if the other option was labs and running bulls and
How tragic for Hamlin Moneee.

Stephen said...

I liked your stories. Looks like Agent 012 has actually had a pretty good day so far, as he didn't get killed by the poisoned drink. The case isn't finished, so there's a chance that another attempt will be made, though, perhaps when he least suspects it. I liked the name Picky Animal People Organization. They may be in trouble without their major contributor, but they might have been a little too picky anyway. I liked that Hamlin Moneeee was used in all the stories. The second and third story were also connected by the concern for the bulls, as shown by the name of the band's song.

Stephen from Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

CJ said...

I'd be suspicious of that phony philanthropist if I were Agent 012.

Jessie said...

I hope Agent 012 watches his back.

nice story.