Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Biker Story

A Picture Story from Portrait of Words

Geofrey claimed to have been born on a bike.
That was almost the truth. His father had taken his mother to the hospital on a Ariel Red Hunter and almost didn’t make it. But he was born in a hospital. His wife swore he would have brought his bike to bed with him is she would have let him.
Now none of this would be a problem if the Big G had just stayed young. But he didn’t. As he grew old arthritis settled into his knees. This made bike riding very painful for him and somewhat dangerous as well. Any good rider knows you need those knees for control. If he took the medication to dull the pain it made him less alert not a good condition for a rider.
Because of his wife’s fears he went to most places, now, in his red sports car.
It was okay but not as good as the bike. But every Friday, rain or shine he got on the bike and rode down to “ Joe’s Fishin Shack” for the fish fry. It was a ritual, more than that it was his ritual.
His wife begged him to give it up. “We can take the boat out on Friday
and you can catch your own fish”.
She pleaded.” Then. I’ll fry them up for you and you know how good fresh caught fish are when I cook them.”
But he wouldn’t listen. It was his bike and his ritual. He didn’t even waver when she told him that if he sold the bike he could buy that expensive ivory carved temple to complete his collection of ivory carvings.
No! It was his ritual and that was that.
Then came that horrible Friday night . There was a thunder storm and it was raining heavily. but it was Friday and it was his ritual. So off he went . He woke up in the hospital. His bike was ruined. He had a broken arm , cracked ribs and his knees were literally destroyed. It took months of surgery to put him back together. Both knees were replaced and he had pins in his arm but he was ready to come home. They had taught him how to walk again but wonder of wonders there was no pain in his knees.
Now he was home again. His wife took him by the hand and lead him out to the garage there in perfect condition was a 1980 Harley Davidson just like the one destroyed in the accident. It was unbelievable. She knew he loved that bike and had searched long and hard to find one. “There was even enough insurance money left over to get you that ivory temple “ she said.
If he had ever doubted it he knew he had married the right woman.


Akelamalu said...

Oh what a great story - thought it seems a little strange calling G-man Geoffrey! LOL

I didn't play this time, as you know I've been on some jaunts recently and just haven't had the time. Hopefully I will find time to sit down and do the next one. :)

Anonymous said...

Very well done Dr. John. I so enjoyed this. Excellent and I'm glad his wife got what she wanted as well. It was a price to pay but what a kind hearted woman she is. I didn't see this coming as I thought she would have been totally against it. Love is grand :)