Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Portrait of Words-Charlie

A Picture Story from Portrait of Words

Beatrice had applied for a summer job with the county health department. She had hoped to get a job in the Happy Valley Nusring and Extend care home.
Instead she ended up at Bay Cliff Health camp. Her dad had lent her his old car to drive up to the camp and so she could drive home on her days off.
That’s when she discovered, for a counselor , there were no days off. You were with the kids every day all day an all night long. They did have a rest counselor who watched over the kids, while they napped after lunch for two hours, and again once you got them all washed up and ready for bed, you got three hours off to hang with the other counselors. But that was it. Otherwise rain or shine you were with the kids.
Beatrice was a good counselor she took her cabin on two great over night adventures. On one they slept in tents next to a beautiful waterfall.
The kids just loved that trip
And once to the shores of beautiful Lake Superior.
Another great adventure.
One little girl , Pamela by name, was there because she was going blind. The instructors at the cam including one that was blind worked with her every day. She was learning Braille. She was being helped to use modern talking computers. In two months they tried to teach her all they ould.
What made Beatrice sad is ever night when she said her prayer she would add at the end “ and make sure God that when I’m blind Charlie will still love me”. It broke her heart to think that this Charlie character might be so cruel as to withhold his love just because she went blind. But every night the same prayer.
The day camp ended Pamela wanted her parents to meet the Bee , that what she called Beatrice, the best counselor in the world. She told Bee that she hoped Charlie would come with them and she could introduce her to Charlie. Bee hoped so as well as she wanted to tell Charlie about the prayer.
The parents arrive and the little girl ran to meet them. “Did you bring Charlie”, she asked.
“ Of course Dear”, her mother responded.
Here is Charlie Pamela said to Bee and handed her a dog.
Bee had no doubt Charlie would love Pamela.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Love this story. Charlie and Pamela are going to be great together. Love it. :) Aloha

Sandi McBride said...

More from Pam and Charlie! Great work...I like the new configuration on your main post, too...wish I were that smart!

Nessa said...

We should always watch our assumptions. I love you story.

Cherie said...

Another sweet story! :)

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Well, of COURSE he would! These pictures are bringing out the sweeeeetest stories today! Yours is another wonderful one! I LOVE happy stories!

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Great story!! Hope you have a great week:)

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

A very touching story Dr John, I loved this one. Thank you

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Loved it!