Sunday, January 22, 2006

Reviewing the blogs.

Since I have joined BlogExplosion I thought I would share some of the blogs I visited.
1. I am Jack's Raging Mommy at
If you want to see some of the problems with the American health system read this blog.
2. England UK theme Parks Blog at
Ever wonder what amusment parks were like in other countries. Here is one in England witha Willy Wonka ride.
3. Life as Lou at
If you ever had trouble getting something fixed under warranty read this blog.
4.Dr. Dennis Journal at
A nice Irish journal full of interesting little bits.
5. Eclectic Blogs at
Ever wonder about Canadian politics. Here is a blog that might help a bit.
6. Fugetaboutit at
If you want to laugh at everyday life this is the place.
7. Oblogatory anecdotes at
If you are a political conservative this is a good blog for you otherwise you'll just get mad.
8. This ain't no "drive-thru" Quick Fix! at
A small step aproach to handling life's problems.
9. Mommy's Busy-take a numbe at
THe blog of a mother with four kids under ten.Her trials and tribulations.


Useless Man said...

Keep clicking... you may get to my site eventually...

I would HOPE you would.

Great links. Thanks for sharing.

james oh said...

Thank you.